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22 Calls to Action to Help Increase Conversions on Your Website

If you want to increase conversions on your website, you need to start using calls to action. A call to action is a phrase or sentence that encourages your visitors to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, booking an appointment, or scheduling a consultation. In this blog post, we will share 22 great calls to action that you can use on your website! Also you can use them in your Email Marketing Campaigns!

Let’s begin…

"Buy Now!"

"Get Yours Today!"

"Shop Now!"

"Add to Cart"

"Check Out Now!"

"Sign Up Now!"

"Join Now!"

"Download Now!"

"Start Your Free Trial Today!" 

"Schedule a Consultation Now!" 

"Book Your Appointment Now!" 

"Request a Quote Today!" 

"Find Out More Here!" 

"Read More Here!" 

"Get Started Now!" 

"Watch the Video Now!" 

"Download Our Free eBook!" 

"Take the Quiz Now!" 

"Enter to Win Now!" 

"Get A Free Estimate"

"Claim Your Free Gift!"

"Schedule Your Visit"

These are just a few examples of great calls to action you can use on your website and in your email marketing campaigns to get better results. Remember, the goal is to get your visitors to take action, so make sure your call to action is clear and concise

When you put your calls to action on the page it is best to keep a few things in mind.  The first is to make sure the call to action stands out. This means using colors, fonts, and other design elements to make the call to action pop. The second thing to keep in mind is to use persuasive language. Use words that will encourage your visitors to take action, such as "free," "now," and "instant." 

Finally, you want to ensure your call to action is visible on the page in key areas. Don't hide it at the bottom of the page or bury it in text. Place it above the fold so your visitors can see it when they first arrive on your website. (If you don't know what above the fold means, we can explain the intricacies of websites on a free consultation in 2022.)

You can also place them in the middle or end of your page. One great strategy is to sandwich your content between calls to action. This gives them lots of visibility.

If you could use a hand increasing conversions and getting more out of your website, blog, and sales process give us a ring, we are always here to help. The consultation is free in 2022, and the insight you will gain is worth your time even if we decide it’s not a perfect fit! On the Free Consultation, we can also share with you the best of those words for the call to action, above. From our Experiences.

Call us for help at 405-246-9647



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