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4 Ways to Attract Customers Using Display Ads

Display ads are a great way to promote your marketing campaigns, digitally. You can use imagery to catch your customer's attention, build brand awareness and even do targeted marketing in order to reach specific audiences EVEN PEOPLE WHO RECENTELY VISITED YOUR COMPETITION!!!

Successful businesses understand the importance of pixels in advertising.

Some ways of maximizing your reach using display ads include:

1. Remarketing

In digital marketing, tracking pixels can optimize, target specific audiences and reach previous website visitors. This method allows you to showcase your products and services to the most potential visitors to your site, which helps increase the conversion rate. Though AdWords' use, remarketing (retargeting) gives you access to potential buyers when they are most active.

2. Interest Targeting

This digital marketing strategy gives you access to people who have visited other websites offering similar products and services as you. Potential customers will be able to view your advertisement without necessarily visiting your page. An example of interest targeting is the use of ad groups to feature ads on other sites.

3. Demographic Targeting

Using this technique, you will select your audience and specify their various demographic categories like age and gender. Demographic targeting also helps you prevent excluded demographic categories from viewing your ads.

4. Customer Match

Today, video is a key component of marketing mix. 92% of B2B clients rely on video ads to make purchase decisions. The use of video ads can be of benefit to you since it is easy to use and share, engages users immediately and tends to be viral among mobile users.

Video advertising is a smarter way of ensuring maximum reach. Videos are more luring compared to the use of static images. The use of video ads effectively promotes educational services because they can make demonstrations. 

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See how Display Advertising works? Now these kinds of ads can be shown to people you want to target, down to the BLOCK they live on, when they visit public sites like these!!! That is POWERFUL Marketing!

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