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How To Navigate Social Media To Reach Your Customers

In an era of social media, businesses often struggle to keep up with the trends. Small business owners, in particular, can have trouble with creating content, attracting the right audience, or merely finding the time to devote to it.

How do we know? You can see this yourself. Go search for your competitors, look at their social media. The majority of them are super excited once they create their Facebook Page. Now look at the posting. They start off posting regularly, but as time goes by, it gets less and less and less, until eventually, they either quit altogether, or they will only post once every few months. Those businesses don't even look open any longer.

We see it every single day. Less than 10% of businesses figure out how to use Social Media to Reach their customers and do it well.

But you simply cannot ignore the importance of social media for your brand, because its impact is only trending upward. Instead, you'll need to figure out how to make it work for you. Use these three tips to reach your customers on platforms they already use.

1) Have a Plan

By the time you can focus on your social media presence, the time has passed for throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. You'll need to curate your posts based on your customers' desires and tried-and-true methods from others.

Planning out your posts will help you always have something to say, which is a critical aspect of social media. You can also use it to help you find the time to post — a few hours of focused effort could give you content for several months, which will save you time down the road.

2) Post Often

The best thing you can do for your company is to get the word out about it. To do that, you'll have to show up in your target audience's news feed. A precept of social media marketing is to "post at least twice a day or customers won't come your way." 

Depending on the platforms you use, the algorithms could require even more content, so do some research to ensure that you post enough to get seen.

3) and last but not least, Provide Value

It's a harsh truth that no one will care about your product if they don't see its value to them. Your content should show how your products or services are useful in various situations, allowing consumers to see how they could use them in their own lives. No one wants to see you post every day, twice per day, just with service after service. You have to engage them. Use meaningful content, and only once in a while, promote your brand!

In fact, customers prefer companies that show that they value individuals, not just the revenue they anticipate from selling a product. Relate it to your business, and you can post about any number of things. Encourage people to not only buy from you but also live better lives.

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