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The Total Website Makeover!

Most businesses, from small consulting businesses run by just one person to multinational corporations, know the importance of having a web presence to drive business. Having a website is often one of the first steps of creating a new business. In 2020, $431.60 of revenue was generated through e-commerce according to a statista.com report we read.

But what if a standard website isn't the best method to drive new customers and generate revenue? Websites can be confusing and extremely cumbersome. Most people can come up with a number of examples of websites they have visited that weren't helpful, made things confusing, or didn't quickly answer the questions they had about the service or product. According to some user experience experts, users will give up on looking for information or making a purchase if it takes more than three clicks to find what they need. Cumbersome websites equate to lost revenue!

Let me say that again, Cumbersome websites equate to lost revenue!

One solution to this problem is to shift your focus away from a website that has a lot of pages and covers a broad variety of topics about your business, to a single-page funnel site that encourages users to engage in one of four actions: click, subscribe or opt-in to updates, set an appointment, or make a purchase. These actions are the core of driving new business, so every website should encourage users to take these actions at every single opportunity!

Below are several benefits to redesigning your web presence as a funnel.

Streamlined User Experience

Redesigning your website into a single page funnel will make it so that your customers will always have a clear understanding of what action they need to take next in order to engage with your business, whether it is asking for a demo or making a purchase right there on the site, or even to just make an appointment.

Picture this:

Yes that is a small image, scaled up, so it is pixelated, but the point is, your website as a funnel, is about putting people in to the top of the funnel and they do all the actions you need them to do, so they come out the bottom where you need them to, as paying customers.

So here are some attributes a Funnel Page should have...


Experts estimate that approximately 45% of e-commerce and online purchases are conducted via a mobile device. A redesign of your website into a single page that operates as a funnel ensures that the site adapts to the size of the screen it is being viewed on and provides a mobile-friendly experience for your potential customers. So no matter what type of device they are on, they can get the optimum performance out of your website they need. No reverse pinching necessary!

Repeated Calls to Action

It is very important that your website encourages potential customers to engage in some kind of action. Whether it is asking them to sign up for a marketing newsletter or taking them all the way to making a purchase, your redesigned website as a funnel will have 6-10 calls to action strategically placed to encourage the user to take the next step, whatever that may be!

With a well-designed funnel site, your business will provide users with a streamlined tool that provides information and makes it easy for users to take action, right from the main page of your site.

Technology can make it feel difficult to connect with other people, but a funnel site can be designed to tell your business's unique story while gently encouraging your potential customers to engage with you. Schedule a FREE Consultation and get a FREE Funnel Assessment about YOUR Website and see how we can help to drive business and improve your company's bottom line!

Don't forget, we are always just a phone call away:


PS> Happy Anniversary to Richard and Chantelle Jones, Celebrating their 27th Year Wedding Anniversary, today!!! Congratulations!



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