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What is Your Brand's "Secret Sauce"?

Have you ever wondered why some websites seem to get all the juice, while yours is left begging for visitors? Your content is just as well-written as theirs, but they are getting all the hits on similar content.

Well, here’s a little secret - they are most likely using a marketing tool called "retargeting".

Retargeting, done right, can be your website's "Secret Sauce" as well.

So what is it? It's an attribute of software called a Pixel, that you probably know to be a "cookie", and they have been specifically designed to generate code to add into the browser of your visitor when they come to your website, or see an ad strategically placed, etc.

That pixel then makes sure that your ad is delivering to them frequently to increase brand recognition and have them come back to your site or send them wherever you want. If you're wondering, why do this, it's because according to studies, only 2% to 4% of visitors that come to your website will buy on the first visit! Yes as low as just 2%!

So, Where Do I Get a Retargeting Pixel?

While you can DIY from just about any provider: search engines, social media sites, and so on, a successful ad campaign can be tricky especially if you’ve not thoroughly researched and studied on how to correctly use the power of the pixel. If used incorrectly, it can come back to haunt you and will cost you in sales and wasted money.

Seriously, we have seen both ends of the stick.

How Do I Use My New Retargeting Pixel?

The best practice is to combine your retargeting campaign with your display ad campaign. Display ads can provide eye-catching visuals that your ideal customers will see and that will entice them into taking action clicking back to your site or exclusive offer. The whole idea is to bring them BACK to your website, offer, special, whatever, AFTER they leave. often times, LONG AFTER they have left, and you probably never even knew they were there, well, unless you are doing retargeting!

Want to get more from your advertising dollar and recapture some of that 96 to 98% of your visitors that left and turn them into converted sales? Call us today at 405-246-9647, and let us provide you with a solution that works for your business, or BETTER YET, Schedule a FREE Consultation! And we will give you 1000 FREE Impressions on a Retargeting Campaign as a bonus (if you setup a campaign with us)! This will save you $297!

If you have any questions at all, just give us a call at



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