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Why You Need Effective Social Media Marketing Now More Than Ever

Using social media for your business isn't as simple as having a personal Facebook or Twitter account. Just as abstaining from social media in your personal life leaves you out of the loop on current trends, your business could suffer the same fate. To be effective, you need to utilize social media marketing campaigns.

We know, you are already busy, who has time for social media posting? Who is supposed to do it? More Importantly, why is social media marketing so important for your business?

In this article we will address this for you.

 Social Media is a Growth Mechanism

With the variety of tools available on the various social media platforms, you have huge opportunities to grow your market base. There are 3.8 billion users on social media (at the time of this writing), so there are no limits to the growth that you can experience. Whether you are targeting local markets or you want to take your business global, effectively leveraging social media marketing can help you achieve those goals.

 Customers Expect It

Current and potential customers have come to expect a social media presence from the companies that they make their purchases from.  One study found that 74% of consumers use social media to make buying decisions. If you do not have a solid presence on social media sites, you may be missing out on customers who rely on social media reviews to inform their choices. True it is not 100% of your visitors that use Social Media, however, upwards of 3 out of 4 do. Should you use it to appease those visitors? ?‍♀️ We think so.

 No Presence Means Potential Client Loss

If you do not have an effective social media presence, you could be handing your business to competitors that do.?‍♀️ Do not miss out on potential clients because they weren't able to view the customer reviews that would help them weigh your product or services against a competitor's. ?

 Branding Tool

Effectively utilizing the banner and profile images help to establish your visible brand. Potential and past customers will see your posts on social media, which helps to keep your brand and imagery top-of-mind. This constant presence means that your business will be the first one that they think of when they are considering making a purchase. ? Your Social Media Covers can be a digital Billboard for you!

 Gain Insights ?

Social media has many tools for tracking and analytics.(⊙_⊙) Because of this, you can track the efficacy of your social media activities. With accurate numbers, you can monitor which activities were effective and which didn't help. You can also use tools to target the exact population you hope to reach. These metrics can also help to provide data to make long-term business decisions. ?

 Social Media Best Practices

The points above explain why you should have a social media presence,? but what are the best practices once you have your social media in place? 

 Have a Compelling Cover Photo ?‍♂️?‍♀️

As mentioned above, your cover photo is the first thing people see when they look at your social media site. It is important that this cover photo not only supports your brand, but includes a call to action that compels viewers to take an action. That is what makes it like a Billboard!

Whether you are inviting them to visit your website, reach out to a staff member to learn more, or to order a product, a compelling call to action helps to encourage potential customers to engage when they may not have otherwise thought to do so. You should also use the cover photo to demonstrate high level reviews and relevant awards that your company has received.

TIP: Changing your cover, is such a big deal on Social Media, that when you do, the platform informs 100% of your followers! Most Posts only are shown to a small percentage of your followers, so this shows you how important it is to change your cover frequently.

 Post Frequently

It is not enough to just have a social media presence. In fact, few things look worse than a social media account that appears unused. When that happens it looks like a business closed it's doors. Plus Social media algorithms rely on engagement and views on posts to determine which content should be made available. If you post content irregularly, you will likely get lost in these algorithms, and virtually no one will see your content. Posting content frequently helps to boost your visibility and adds validity to your account. Daily posting is good if you have enough useful and relevant content to share.

Do not be afraid of over-posting, as long as your content is relevant and useful to your viewers. Don't post ONLY specials, services, and offers. That will get people to unfollow you. You have to be smart about what you post and when to post certain content. Follow a plan that works. ?

 Curate Some Content

Which leads us to the best practice of curating content that is relevant, applies to your brand, and is useful to your potential customers and viewers. Social media users enjoy viewing content from thought leaders, and with some work, you can fulfil that role for your industry. Carefully craft the content that you post on social media so that it supports your brand and the message you would like to portray.

Social media is an effective way to reach new customers, and keep prior customers engaged to encourage future business. Schedule a FREE Social Media Consultation, to see how we can help your business to achieve its social media marketing goals, today! Never walk away from a consultation empty-handed. We will provide you with 30 days of FREE Social Media content, just for having a free consult.

Don't forget, as always, we are just a phone call away!




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