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We created this blog to showcase services that can help YOUR Company. Marketing in this day and age has Shifted and any business must pivot to find the success of yesteryear!

We are always here to help and look forward to seeing the results you desire and are eager to achieve.
The problem is that Attorney Marketing, Surgeon Marketing,  and even Home Service Professional Marketing, they are all rapidly changing. Another issue is that most consumers find it hard to keep up with the latest trends, technology, and services in any of those industries, that can actually benefit them. 
So we created this educational blog to keep YOU up to date on the latest offers and insights to help educate you on making the right decision for you and your company. 

​We have a team dedicated to helping Law Firms, another team dedicated to help Home service professionals such as Roofers, HVAC, Plumbers, etc and yet another team to focus on helping Surgeons. We share referrals with whatever team is available so we can work with any company that is a local business...

Keep in mind, this blog was created for YOU, not us.
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We created Actuated Marketing because we saw the struggle our friends who owned businesses were having.

We are REAL people, that ONLY have a Desire to HELP Real Businesses. We are not interested in you opening your bank accounts to us and dumping your money into our coffers. If we cannot help, we don't have any desire of getting paid from you.

We know when our services are done for a business, they will pay us for our services and stay with us for many years, making this a true win for all parties, especially our clients employees who can have job security because of working for a profitable company!
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